• modernisation of HARDNESS TESTERS and hardness testing plates working according to ROCKWELL, BRINELL a VICKERS
  • reconstructions of noise level measuring devices IL 100
  • modernisation of measuring devices TALYROND 2, 3, 51, 73, 100, 200, TALYSURF 4, 6, 10, FORM TALYSURF, ROTARY TALYSURF, TALYCENTA, made by company RTH
  • modernisation of measuring devices MK 300C, MK 300PC and MPTR 20C
  • modernisations of testing stations RAH and ZT
  • modernisations of grinding machines BPH 20, BPH 20 NA, BRH 20A, BRH 20AN, BRH 20.02-05, BRH 32.02-04, BRH 40A, BRH 40 B, BRH 50, SURFTEC 80-120

The modernisation of above measuring devices comprises a complex exchange of electronical parts using the newest computer technology and programmes thus extending the possibilities of application and utilization.

Geometrical forms, bearing vibrations, gauging fixtures

Ing. Peter Harvánek

Hardness testers

Ing. Jozef Pobijak


Ing. Ivan Briestenský

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