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Company Aquastyl Slovakia, s.r.o., was established in 1991 in Považská Bystrica. The main activities were repairs of pumps, construction of small hydroelectric plants, waste water treatment plants and the likes. The founder of the company was Peter Harvánek. The company's focus has gradually begun to be profiled in the field of measuring technology for engineering companies, especially rolling bearing producers.

At the present time the company offers the following services:

  • production, supply and calibration of measuring instruments for measuring deviations from roundness, cylindricity, conicity and straightness,
  • production, repairs, supply, upgrading and calibration of hardness testers and hardness plates using ROCKWELL, BRINELL and VICKERS Methods,
  • production, upgrading and calibration of instruments for measuring and checking vibration levels at bearing production,
  • education and methodical activity in the area of measurement of forms deviations, hardness, vibrations in rolling bearing, international standards,
  • repairs, general overhauls and upgrades of horizontal surface grinders.

Thanks to the wide range of measuring instruments, the company operates in three important stages of engineering production, especially rolling bearings:

  1. input control,
  2. checking the accuracy of production technology,
  3. output control.

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