Manufacture, service, calibration, modernisation of measuring devices The Calibration service center is accredited by SNAS for calibration

Geo­met­rical forms

Meas­ur­ing devi­a­tions from roud­ness, cylindri­city, con­icity and straightness


Bear­ing vibrations

Meas­ur­ing and evalu­a­tion of vibra­tions in rolling bearings


Hard­ness testers

Test­ing hard­ness of metals



Hori­zontal sur­face grinders


Pre­par­a­tion of samples

Grind­ing machines, pol­ish­ers, saws


Gau­ging fixtures

Spe­cial-pur­pose con­tact gau­ging fixtures


Our story

Company Aquastyl Slovakia, s.r.o., was established in 1991 in Považská Bystrica. The main activities were repairs of pumps, construction of small hydroelectric plants, waste water treatment plants and the likes. The founder of the company was Peter Harvánek. The company's focus has gradually begun to be profiled in the field of measuring technology for engineering companies, especially rolling bearing producers.

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