Brinell HPO-3000K/AQ, brinell-hpo-3000k-aq.jpg

Brinell HPO-3000K/AQ

Camera hardness tester for testing hardness of metals with the Brinell method (according to STN EN ISO 6506).

The hardness HPO-3000K/AQ consists of cast-iron frame in which the drive unit /gear pump with oil container an motor/ is placed by the mechanics for control of loading piston, work piston with the table. The scaning of impression is made by sensitive CCD camera with high resolution, necessary for exact processing of measured results. An image evaluation and consequent processing of measurings is made by PC connected with camera by special interface. System works under the operating system Windows.

General description of software

It is new software for collection and statistical data evaluation of hardness testers, which works according to the method Brinell and Vickers. This product completely uses network and provides an automatic data export on SQL server to their further processing, so the results of measuring are accessible even for other users in case of need.

Characteristics of software

  • Profesionally designed library of test methods
  • Measuring and evaluation of puncture by means of CCD camera
  • Return modification of examination
  • Statistical function
  • Automatic data transmission in network
  • Analyse and processing of measured data, etc.

Tech­n­ical data


  • measuring range: max. 29,430 N
  • measuring ball: ∅ 10 mm, ∅ 5 mm
  • load: 4,900 N, 7,360 N, 9,810 N, 29,430 N

Work­ing parameters

  • electric connection: 3 x 240/400 V, 50 Hz
  • oil filling: 5 l - hydraulic oil K8

Size, weight

  • device dimensions: 1450 mm x 800 mm x 300 mm
  • dimensions of working table: 400 mm x 260 mm
  • weight: 740 kg

Vari­ant, colour

  • device variant: cast-ivory stand
  • colour: ivory in combination with grey

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