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IL 100/2017

Device to measure and assess the level of anti-friction bearings' vibrations.

The device is designed for measuring and evaluating the level of anti-friction bearings' vibrations. It is suitable for production, workshop measuring centres and laboratories thanks to its versatility.

IL 100/2017 consists of a mechanical, electronic and sensor head.

The mechanical part comprises a motor drive, an exact self-lubricating spindle. enlarged oil reservoir, continuous spindle speed control with metage (800 - 2800) rpm, precise sensor holder. The mechanical part is designed so that the vibration level is less than 0.1 m/s2.

The electronic part of the device IL 100/2017 consists of hardware and software equipment with touch screen and acceleration sensor.

Device characteristics

The device measures and evaluates speed or acceleration in accordance with norm DIN 5426-1 and ANSI/AFBMA Std.13 - 1987 in 3 frequency bands:

  • first band: 50 - 300 Hz
  • second band: 300 - 1800 Hz
  • third band: 1800 - 10,000 Hz
  • adjustable frequency bands: user can define frequency limits of a new band
  • allows tracking of each frequency band on external output (oscilloscope, headphones, loudspeaker, analyser, etc.)
  • division by bands

Tech­n­ical data


  • signal from acceleration sensor (50 Hz - 10 kHz)
  • signal scanning in the field of time: adjustable time, adjustable measuring length
  • type-dimension setting + type-dimension database


  • one-sided measurement, two-sided measurement (for double row bearings)
  • effective signal value
  • tip - tip
  • anderone (velocity only), VL (vibration level), %, dB
  • the results are displayed continuously REAL TIME during measurement
  • freeze after measurement - last test


  • coloured built-in touchscreen, Windows or Embedded Windows
  • also via connectable keyboard
  • manual start (SW interface or electronic signal - e. g. foot lever)
  • automatic start - stabilization and then automatic start once the bearing's insertion is detected, measurements with adjustable measurement time (e. g. 3, 5, 10 s)


  • coloured touchscreen, graphical display of results, analogue indicators, oscilloscope, mode for visualization of vibration signals (time and frequency field)


  • 24 V digital inputs / outputs
  • analogue output: signalization to loudspeaker, motor speed control in a mechanical part
  • optional erasure of the last measurement
  • data storage: automatic saving of measurement results, possibility of archiving and searching for measurements according to the selected filter, possibility of graphical display of archived measurements, display of results history
  • export data using .csv format - Excel

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