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Device to measure radius and deviations of shape and distance from the face of ball bearings.

The measuring device MPTR 20PC/AQ is designed to measure the radius absolute value, shape deviations and the distance from the face in one plane of the rings of ball radial, axial and radial-axial, single-row and double-row bearings.

The device construction is designed for work in the manufacturing measuring laboratories (centres).

Tech­n­ical data

Meas­ur­ing parameters

  • scope of the measuring radiuses: 1.5 mm - 20 mm
  • precision of the radiuses measuring: ±1 µm from ideal radius
  • distinguishing ability to measure the deviation: 0.1 µm
  • scope of measuring the shape deviations: ±50 µm
  • scope of measuring the distance from face: 0 - 999 µm

Dimen­sions of the parts

  • min. diameter: 5 mm
  • max. diameter: 270 mm

Work­ing times

  • time to measure and calculate the value: 15 seconds
  • time to set the measuring part: up to 1 min.
  • time to set to another type or dimension: up to 3 min.

Res­ults dis­play­ing method

  • radius value (mm)
  • shape deviation (, its slope (rad.) and distance from the face (mm) in form of numbers together with a graph of shape dimensions changes and description on the display or printer


  • keyboard or mouse

Work­ing parameters

  • device's attestation temperature: +20°C ±3°C
  • working temperature: +10°C - +30°C
  • eelative humidity: 40% - 80%
  • air pressure: 86,000 Н/m2 - 106,000 H/m2

Power supply

  • voltage: 230 V ±10%
  • voltage frequency: 50 Hz
  • voltage form: alternating, sinusoidal with a distortion of less than 50%
  • input: 110 VA
  • fuse: F 8,000 mA

Dimen­sions, weight

  • electronical part: 340 x 280 x 380 mm, 13 kg
  • display unit: 340 x 280 x 380 mm, 13 kg
  • mechanical part: 460 x 170 x 280 mm, 33 kg

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