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Device for measuring deviations from roudness, cylindricity, conicity and straightness.

The device is intended for measuring deviations from roundness, cylindricity, conicity, straightness and selected parameters in the area of deviations from geometrical forms, especially of rotation parts including‚ interrupted surfaces.

The above measuring device can be used in all branches of industry where measurements of form‚ deviations are required. It is suibable especially for measuring laboratories and workshop.

Tech­n­ical data

Meas­ur­ing parameters

  • deviation from roundness, cylindricity, conicity and straightness of outer‚ and inner surfaces
  • deviation from roundness, cylindricity, conicity and straightness of interrupted outer and inner surfaces
  • deviation from straightness of axes, axial alignment, concentricty and radial‚ run-out

Evalu­a­tion of deviations

  • deviation from roundness and waviness to circumscribed, inscribed medium‚ circle and cicle of smallest zone
  • deviation from cylindricity, conicity and straightness and radial run-out
  • deviation from straightness of axes, axial alignment and concentricity
  • standard filters (2-500, 2-15, 2-50, 2-150, 15-500) + freely eligible filters
  • harmonic analysis, polar / linear / graph
  • automatic or manual selection of ranges
  • archivation function and printing services
  • statistics

Max­imal inaccuracy

  • run of the spindle, P + V: radial 0.075 μm / axial 0.075 μm
  • in corresction regime, P + V: radial 0.04 μm / axial 0.04 μm
  • cylindricity: 0.9 μm / 100 mm
  • straightness: 0.6 μm / 100 mm
  • max. inaccuracy of measurement: 3% of the measured range
  • max. inaccuracy of enlargement: 3% of the measured range

Limit dimen­sions of meas­ured parts

  • outer diameter: 1 mm to 320 mm
  • inner diameter: 2 mm to 270 mm
  • height: max 300 mm
  • weight: max 50 kg


  • elegible
  • each measurement can be completed by the name of the measured object, name of the operator
  • date and time of measurement is recorded automatically
  • the measured results and graphs can be kept in archive
  • measurements kept in archive can be repeatedly displayed according to the product and date and they can be worked on
  • the results including graphs can be printed in black and white or in colour in the formats A4, A5 a A6 in the amount 1 to x images per page


  • 50, 200, 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000, 10,000, 20,000 x
  • graphic enlargement of the picture up to 13,000,000 x

Work­ing language

  • the working language is the language of the customer’s country or any of the following language
  • English, German, Russian, Slovak, Czech

Basic accessories

  • mechanical part: mechanical part of MUK 300, clamping tools, set of measuring contacts
  • elektronic part: PC PENTIUM, measuring electronics, printer, programme for measuring‚ roundness, cylindricity, conicity, straightness, radial run-out, straightness of axes, axial alignment and concentricity
  • the device is delivered mostly as a complete measuring unit with a working table, power distribution system, container sockets and a chair

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