BRH 40AQ, brh-40aq.jpg


Horizontal surface grinder.

Operating characteristics

Workbench feed with continuous adjustment optionsm/min1 - 30
Maximum path of longitudinal workbench feedmm1200
Automatic continuous traverse feedm/min0.2 - 3
Hydraulic intermittent traverse feedmm1 - 30
Manual traverse feed (1 increment = 0.05 mm)mm/turn5
Manual vertical in-feed (1 increment = 0.005 mm)mm/turn0.5
Maximum vertical feed pathmm485
Traverse fast feedm/min3
Vertical fast feedm/min0.5
Automatic vertical in-feedmm0.0025 - 0.05
Manual vertical in-feed (1 increment)mm0.002
Size of vertical feed path for one turnmm/turn0.25
Grinding spindle speedrpm1850
Total power of motor of grinding spindlekW7.5
Total input powerkVA15.0
Machine noise at the operator's stationdB75

Tech­n­ical data

Work­ing parameters

  • maximum grinding length: 1000 mm
  • max. spacing between spindle axis and workbench working area: 660 mm
  • grinding disc dimensions (diameter x width x clamping hole): 350 x 40 - 80 x 127 mm
  • grinding spindle clamping cone: Morse 1:5
  • maximum load of working table (including the fixture): 500 kg

Size, weight

  • workbench working area: 400 x 1000 mm
  • maximum machine floor space (length x width): 4650 x 2300 mm
  • machine height: 2000 mm
  • machine weight: 3800 kg

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